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Located in the heart of Fremont the Centerville neighborhood is well known for its diverse community. However, being one of many densely Muslim populated areas in the East Bay an essential void was absent. A spiritual safe haven where one can connect with their creator. Centerville Islamic Center (CIC) hopes to fill the void and to provide the spiritual and educational needs for the Muslims in the Centerville area, Insha’Allah.

With the ever-growing Muslim population within the East Bay, and a wave of new Muslim residents within the Central Fremont area, a group of brothers started door-to-door visitations in the community, seeking and surveying the needs of the local Muslim population. With the guidance and encouragement of our elders and teachers, Centerville Islamic Center (CIC) was developed.

We started a daily Quran and Islamic Studies program behind American High School at the Los Cerritos Community Center. We saw the potential and demand for an Islamic Center in the Centerville area. With the Almighty's grace and blessings, the backing and prayers of our supporters, we were able to secure a long-term lease. Centerville Islamic Center (CIC) is the middle point between other local Masajid's. The need for an institute of Islamic education in this central area was of vital importance, and long overdue. We hope and pray that Centerville Islamic Center (CIC) can and will fulfill that need, InshaAllah.

Shaykh Tamim Tarin

Mawlana Tamim Tarin is the religious director at Centerville Islamic Center and the sports director at Peninsula Islamic Association. Sports (PIA Sports). He is also the Khatīb and Islamic school director at the Islamic Center of Livermore. 


Mawlana Tamim Tarin was born and raised in Fremont, CA. Upon completion of his secondary education, he set out to pursue the study of sacred knowledge. He began his career of traditional Islamic learning in 2009, by engaging in a rigorous curriculum of religious knowledge, at Daruloom Azaadville, South Africa, as well as Daruloom New York. 


 Mawlana Tamim Tarin has been serving the Bay Area Muslim community for over 10 years and is currently involved in teaching Quran, Islamic studies, leading Jumm’ah prayers, as well as arranging various Muslim youth sports camps and seminars. Mawlana Tamim Tarin currently resides with his family in Fremont, CA. 

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Hafiz Jawid Tarin

Hafiz Jawid Tarin teaches at the Quran & Islamic Studies Program at CIC. Hafiz Jawid Tarin is a Bay Area native and has completed his Hifz of the noble Qur'an under the tutelage of Mufti Mudassir Owais of ICF. Hafiz Jawid is currently married, works full-time in a major tech company in Silicon Valley, and studies Arabic part-time with local teachers and scholars.

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